Playing Fields „Jens Liebchen´s Playing Fields examines the latest area where the Great Game of geopolitics is being played. The area is the Caspian Basin, and the playing field a clutch of former Soviet republics. The price is the world´s largest untapped reserves of oil and gas. The politics of the Caspian Basin revolve around energy. So one of the metaphorical leitmotifs permeating Playing Fields revolves around the primary source of natural energy and the starting point for photography – light from the sun. Liebchen has used sunlight and shadow to articulate the difference between light (energy) and shade (lack of energy), thus articulating the reason why the superpowers are scrabbling over the Caspian. Everything looks peaceful, mundane, but the ominous present alluded to in Jens Liebchen´s eleoquent photographs is clearly also an ominous future.“ Gerry Badger