DL07 Stereotypes of war - a photographic investigation „Jens Liebchen suggests that we think of war photography as a genre, making use of a set of conventions. It is no more authentic he proposes than the War Film or the Western. Normally, of course, we choose to see it as authentic, as truthful reportage. In this respect Liebchen´s is subversive work, although in actuality he is merely asking us to reflect on our expectations. DL07, Liebchen´s cryptic title for the essay is in fact the Universal Transverse Mercator Grid Reference – UTM -for Tirana as found in the Gazetteer of Albania… Tirana that is to say, as a site on the strategic and geopolitical map – and a subject to satellite surveillance. Think of DL07 as a kind of Arte Povera. Liebchen went to Tirana with no thought of significant reportage, for the city was relatively speaking at peace. But he found in passing on its streets available evidence which allowed him to reflect in depth on the post-modern conspectus, on a large part of our contemporary predicament caught as we are between the here-and-now and all those mysterious termini and sources to which we defer.” Ian Jeffrey